Maths Everywhere

by Miguel Palomo



It’s a mystery that induces awe
It’s a vision of another world
All the concepts, all the theorems
All the numbers there and everywhere
All the symbols, all the truths
In equations of eternal youth
Out of silence, out of empty space
Zero rises in a daze

Maths everywhere
Subtle poetry of numbers
Logic, relations and shapes
Maths everywhere
In the eye of the beholder
Beyond the mind’s greatest depths

Away away from the particular
Lies a wider view that of Algebra
Sheer beauty in its purest form
Operations glowing at the core
Elevation with a gentle push
Formal action in a quest for truth
Master Euler be my guide
Live forever in my mind

Maths everywhere...

In a feeling there is shape
Like there is in everything else
Geometrical intuition
King of mathematical tradition
Little truths, little things
Shining brighter than unproven myths
Master Euclid here I am
Help me out to prove the facts

Maths everywhere...


released March 21, 2017
Music and Lyrics: Miguel Palomo



all rights reserved


Miguel Palomo Madrid, Spain

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